CLASSIC METHOD PINOT NERO PAS DOSE’ VSQ First hillside area in the municipalities of Torricella Verzate and Pietra de’ Giorgi
EXPOSURE: South-West and South-East
PLANT DENSITY: 4800 vines per hectare
BLEND: 55% Barbera, 45% Croatina
YIELD PER HECTARE: 60 quintals
HARVEST TIME: first ten days of October

Analytical data

Actual alcohol by volume: 14,50 % vol
Residual sugars: 5,00 g/l
Acidity: 6,30 g/l
pH: 3,47
Dry extract: 31,50

Agronomic operations

Dry pruning in the Guyot method begins in December, maintaining 7-9 buds per vine. In May, excess shoots are removed and the main ones are tied during suckering and shoot thinning to maintain a balanced vegetative and productive state, especially for young vineyards. In mid-August and early September, after veraison, two rounds of cluster thinning are carried out to distribute the vine's production on the shoots closest to the trunk and to avoid bunching of clusters (a primary cause of gray mold in wet years). Thinning the clusters promotes better ripening of the grapes, resulting in higher concentrations of sugars and phenolic compounds, reduced acidity, and improved grape health.
For over 20 years, we have practiced cover cropping in the vineyards to create a more balanced canopy-root ratio of the vine and to safeguard beneficial insects in the vineyard; for the same reason, low-impact pesticides are used, and the use of chemical herbicides is avoided.
Grape harvest is manual, in 18 kg crates.

Oenological operations

The winemaking process begins with destemming and crushing. After a period of cold pre-maceration, the alcoholic fermentation takes place. After about 14 days, during the racking process, the free-run wine is extracted. This wine undergoes malolactic fermentation and then matures

Wine profile

Color: very intense and bright ruby red.
Aroma: complex, ethereal, with spicy notes and hints of vanilla.
Taste: dry, warm, with a great structure and alcohol content supported by excellent tannins. The soft notes of wood persist for a long time.

Food pairing:

Qualification: Red wine with great structure and backbone.
Pairing: Game meat stew, braised dishes, and stews. It pairs splendidly with great traditional cheeses: Castelmagno, aged Sardinian and Roman pecorino, aged cheese from the pit, etc.
Serving Temperature: 18°C.
Serving Method: Decant the bottle an hour before serving and use large glasses to allow proper oxygenation.

Various news

Mosaico is only produced in the finest vintages. Its debut was in 2001.

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