The company

Once upon a time, and it's still happening. It's 1893 when the Boatti family in the municipality of Oliva Gessi, in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, writes the most beautiful and important page in the history of Italian sparkling wine: at Cà del Tava, one of the great crus of the winery, the seal between Monsupello, Pinot Nero, and Chardonnay is stamped. An indissoluble pact marked by excellence. A commitment that becomes an alliance and a promise. Daring what is new, dreaming it, imagining it, and making it real: in the name of the father, Carlo Boatti, and today with his children Pierangelo and Laura, custodians of his philosophy. With different sensitivities and attitudes, they are interpreters of future horizons, in the contemporaneity of their sparkling wines: they look 'beyond', tracing paths and spaces for dialogue with new worlds, with the complicity of their winemaker.

The family and the legacy of Carlo Boatti

Paolina Luigina, on October 15, 1932, is in the vineyard: her pregnancy is nearing its end, but working among the rows is her life. She rushes home because she is about to give birth to her son, Carlo.

In her DNA, there are vines and grapevines; it could only have been this way. In 1954, Carlo Boatti takes the helm of the company, ready to become Monsupello's Sir: the dominus of a business reality to which he imparts a new step. Paradigm shift: spirit and earth, impulse and balance, energy and moderation, creativity and philosophy. New vineyards arrive in search of the most suitable areas, an innovative and competent vision to select the best grapes and respect and enhance the aromatic profile of the wines, the environment, and the community that Carlo Boatti builds around himself. With him is Carla Dallera Boatti, a woman with extraordinary entrepreneurial skills, who for Carlo was a partner, friend, associate, and inspiration.

Carlo and Carla were a modern, enterprising, and courageous couple: like in a movie, they live the glamorous pages of Monsupello's history, between understatement, awareness, and pride for the appreciation from the greats of the wine world, from Luigi Veronelli to Gianni Brera. Since 2010, Carlo Boatti "walks" vineyards at higher altitudes, but his spirit is in Torricella Verzate, every day.
Carla, affectionately called Signora Monsupello, is still today the guarantor of the company's solidity: with extraordinary wisdom and elegance, she knows the way. Because we create great wines starting from our values.

The people

From Carlo and Carla to the present day, with the latest generation represented by Pierangelo and Laura, the style of Monsupello has not changed: the Boatti family has created wines that are a self-portrait and express everything they love: elegance and freshness, in search of the thousand nuances of the grape varieties.

Pierangelo and Laura live the responsibility of being heirs to a great family with the awareness and determination of the path to be taken: Pierangelo inherited from his father the value of doing, he follows the work in the vineyard and in the cellar, overseeing with Laura all the strategic choices of the company, and he is a reference point for the sales network. Laura, a tango teacher and lover of art in all its forms, takes care of marketing and communication, and is the voice and welcome of the company: among the Hundred Women who will change our country for the Women's General States, she has a clear innovative vision of the winery, projected also onto the future, which sees in her daughter Carlotta, much loved by her grandfather Carlo, the future generation.

Everyone is Monsupello in their own way, with different characters, sensibilities, and stories: a great human and professional blend that responds to a vision of teamwork and collectivity. By their side are the winemakers Stefano Torre and Federico Fermini: they are tasked with maintaining the Maison's style, composing the vintages, coordinating vineyard activities with agronomist Giovanni Bigot, and monitoring production in the cellar. A team of great professionals completes the staff: because Monsupello is a great company, but it never forgets to be a family.

The estate

Carlo Boatti selected the best plots in Oltrepò, building a large 50-hectare vineyard of owned resources, valuable assets that provide about half of the grape needs, ensuring the autonomy and sustainability of the family business.

For Monsupello, the environment and biodiversity come first: excellence is achieved through practices of cover cropping and green manure in the vineyard, sowing legumes and returning nutrients and nitrogen to the soil to increase organic matter and generate constant biological activity in the soil. The soil is fertile, with low-yield cultivation methods, and ripening occurs in full respect of each individual vineyard, without haste, so that nature is always an ally. The perfection of Monsupello's vineyards is the beauty of the landscape and harmony for the territory..

Do you want to get in touch?

Laura Boatti, Pierangelo Boatti, Marco Bertelegni, and the Monsupello staff are ready to welcome customers, friends, and wine lovers to the headquarters of Monsupello in Torricella Verzate (PV).